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We’ve been questioned as to the origin of the QN5 name. In its simplest definition, the idea behind QN5 is to always stay 5-Steps-Ahead-Of-The-Game. From the production to the lyricism to the artwork to the ideas…the QN5 ethic is reflected in the innovations we constantly aspire to achieve.

Now for the fun part. “What do the actual letters stand for?”. Here’s where it gets tricky. QN5 stands for : Quintic Nickelism (to the 5th power).

What do the words Quintic & Nickelism mean?


Quintic (Quin“tic) a. (Alg.): 1. Of the fifth degree or order.
Nick·el·ism (nkl-izm) n. (Plural.): 1. To be 5 steps ahead.of the game. [Root Word: Nickel].

So in essence, Quintic Nickelism means 5×5×5.


  1. QN5 was formed on May 5th, 1997 by Tonedeff. But it wasn’t until 2000 that it was relaunched as a Hip Hop focused label with the current roster.
  2. The label’s official symbol, the ASTERISK ( * ) has 5 points and is star-shaped. This symbol denotes that there is always ‘more’ to what you initially see. This concept is what the Asterisk:Series is based on.
  3. There are 4 active producers on the roster.
  4. Members of the QN5 fan community are referred to as “Blue Schoolers”. Depending on the amount of posts, different “school”-based titles and privileges are bestowed on each member.
  5. The QN5 MEGASHOW is an annual destination-event, where the entire roster and fan community converge from all over the world for a night of performances.


Some have wondered what the big deal is regarding QN5 and the color Baby Blue. It’s pretty simple. Baby Blue denotes the qualities of birth, freshness, truth & purity.

These are the exact qualities QN5 brings to Hip-Hop music. Colors can carry many symbolic meanings with them (there are entire books dedicated to the pyschology of colors). We on the other hand, see it as a way for our fans to show their support for what we do. We have even offered discounted ticket prices for fans that come to QN5 shows rocking the color! The color is an identifying property of the label and its artists, and a way to show your support. We’ll continue to do our best to make sure that you can rep the baby blue to the fullest.


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