Are you fucking kidding me? That’s my fucking birthday!


omfg that artwork on the site looks SICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK



*will be dead til March


wow, I got goosebumps immediately upon clicking that

Sacred fuck, that’s just awesome. I also see some japanese influence. Tentacles.

Fuck yeah this is goin to be amazing.

OMG I just pooped mah pants. This art is awesome. I cannot wait for this album.

You, guys, are unreal.
Noone/nothing else brings to me such emotions. You are from another universe.



Album art is incredible! The tentacles remind me of Cthulu.

I can’t wait for March!

holy shit.

I’m guessing the woman will be on the front cover with the demons and whatnot wrapping around to the back.

Brilliant, awesome and amazing.

Holy shit! i just fucking creamed my pants!

Can’t wait for it

The artwork is really incredible! So, Oneirology is next! Then, CATM!!!

The again, there seems to be a fairly large gap between now and the release date for Oneirology, so could we possibly be looking at CATM next, especially when we’re supposed to be getting a single before the end of the year> Hmm…

^Nah i think CATM will be mid or late 2011.

That is probably my favourite album art of all time.. already. That image is just incredible. Everything about it.

And what other band could possibly create music to match up to that?

holy living fuck that is nice! i think houstonz is right, as usual… dude is too damn smart!

Damn this just got me so excited. 2011 is about to be incredible

We’ve still got Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood and Asterisk 5. Im sure that gap will be filled with something amazing

Beautiful artwork! The wait is gonna be horrible. x|

That’s amazing…fuck I wish it was 3/22 right now.

My guess would be cassette verite, oneirology then catm around may or june


2 days after my first’s due date…I think we know what album he’s going to listen to for his first month plus of being alive Smile

Can I preorder this. I’d like to give you my money right now!

amazing artwork, can’t wait for the album!

Awesome artwork. Can’t wait for the album

Hell Yes!

It begins…

Wow! artwork is insane, i can’t wait!

that is amazing.

IN-SA-NI-TY (full stop)

Please feel free to tell Lois how much you like the artwork for the new LP.



Wow that artwork… When is it goin’ up for pre-order..?

Loving the art..I think I might have shat myself…............

Amazing artwork! Can’t wait..

ha, i noticed kno’s comment on her deviantart page… her stuff is lovely

Yeah that pic is the wallpaper on my computer and my phone now.

Those colors are so fitting for the weather in Bakersfield right now. Beautiful art

HOLY SHIT! So stoked! The artwork is amazing.

damn, that artwork is so fucking amazing, i really hope CATM is next, ive been waiting for it For SOOOO long, but either way, ill be happy with which ever album is released next

Wow…just…wow. Ever since you guys announced her as the artist doing the artwork for this album, I’ve been expecting greatness, but this exceeded my expectations, jeezus. Can’t wait for this album!!!

Stunning artwork…and a day before my birthday…

Let me just say on my first post that qn5 are the best on earth and i appreciate the love i have been shown since joining cl.I always read the boards i just never post.I am just as excited for all of you to hear this album as you are.Kno is a beast and deek as well and i couldnt ask for better brothers to do music and see the world with.Now i have to get to work on my album.


2 days before my birthday =] Thatll do. Shame ill be in either Malta or Amsterdam.

*saves and makes this his desktop background

2 months and 16 days after my birthday and I’m still thrilled!

NatKingColdHands - excited is the word !

High jack: Working on your album? Oh yeah… I really can’t wait to get my hands on that either and especially the track which Kno produced (read somewhere it was for your album, Natti), the track which is ‘previewed’ a little in the video where you, Kno and Gibbs are in the studio… 0 till 0.26

Both of these productions are love, but the first one sounds just… I can’t describe it!


Rappers still write…

i am setting aside a fund to purchase a rage addition. starting now.

99% sure there’ll be no deluxe edition for this release, probably won’t even take pre-orders. Too much going on to try and oversee something like that—when we leave for tour on March 25th we won’t be back home for more than 3 weeks at a time until late August after festival season.

Hey Kno is that officially the artwork for the album or just for the site? Its fucking ill!!!

I imagine the right half of the piece was the front cover and the left half was the back cover, with it being a digipack that folds down the center…that will look insane

This couldn’t drop at a better time - lots of people apparently have birthdays around this (myself included); really really really stoked for this. With the artwork out, I can kind of picture the mood of the album already. Beautifully drawn, by the way. I’m already a fan of this and it’s not even out. Smile

Artwork is so damn good, I can’t wait for this.

Unrelated notes which had to be mentioned:

1. Please stop describing what your pants look/smell like after you’ve seen something new on the site.

2. Stop relating QN5 releases to your birthdays. What are we 7 years old?


2. Stop relating QN5 releases to your birthdays. What are we 7 years old?

My birthday is March 22nd, dick.

Very Happy

Kno said:<blockquote>2. Stop relating QN5 releases to your birthdays. What are we 7 years old?

My birthday is March 22nd, dick.

Very Happy</blockquote>

Very Happy

Well then I wish your birthday was 12-28-10! Everyone else can keep their March ones.

God, I can’t wait!

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