It’s that soul food shit. Dopeness, Kno’s a beast.

this beat is sooo chill and smooooth, great track as a whole

I feel as though I could listen to any track produced by Kno.


Definitely getting that EP!

That track just has a vibe to it that I can’t describe but smooth comes close..Diggin it hardcore

nice track
good job, Kno. “smooth” does just fine in describing it

freddies got that flow, and knos got that souuuuuuuuul

Gibbs is awesome
itunes also has a bonus track… Wink

I just checked though and ‘BJ the Chicago Kid’ actually isn’t a name.

You guys compliment each other well. True to my word, shit is copped.

Dope track, I think Gangsta Gibbs is the only gangsta music I like to listen to. He kind of reminds me of a cross between Tupac and Young Buck..

ahhhhhhhhh what a banger

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