He sent it over to me and I recreated the whole shit from scratch. Every note, kick, snare, hate and chop.

Is that a Freudian slip?

For the past couple weeks, it seems like every time I talk to you, you’re busy working on something for Asterisk 4. I go online at 2AM my time (5AM in New York) and you haven’t slept cause you’re mixing tracks – and all this is done in between your full-time job. Something’s keeping you going that needs to be packaged up and sold in 6-packs. (Or viles on the street.)

Definitely looking forward to Asterisk 4 – thanks for posting all that “behind-the-scenes” info. Now get some sleep.

This will be blowing everything away .. I’m so hyped for hearing these tracks, I mean .. Any release having ‘Punk’ on there is banoodles !

I can’t wait to see this landing on my doorstep, the Asterisk series is simply brilliant.

Tracklisting has got me so hyped. QN5 Allstars tracks a re always ill, new Plague track, fresh Tone & Pack solo tracks, Punk, Chico & The Man and we get to hear the whole of ‘Play Hard’… those are the highlights for me, but really, there isn’t a single track that im not lookin forward too.. fuckin yeah!!
And i’m so appreciative of all the work you’ve put in Tone.. i’m sure there’s even more little details and so forth that you didnt mention.. so for that im very greatful

passes out yeah based off the tracklisting alone this looks like the best one so far hands down. 4 new tone songs? CATM 7 new KNO beats?! PACK FM & SOS?!

  • revives **
  • passes out again **

Shit looks bangin….. I havent heard all of it but the stuff I have is SICK.. that QN5 Allstars track is ridiculous 8

I’m still vibing to Asterisk Volume 3 over here. Especially that sub & vocal on Deacon the villians ‘Take Me Back” – Its the dogs bollocks!


Wow…I’m amped man.

I’ll always be the first to say I’d rather wait forever until something is done right than get it out early and not to the same quality level that you’re used to. I’m glad you decided to hold off and make this a real pressing and not a typicl mixtape cd-r. The tracklist looks bangin…I can only imagine how a Session joint called “You Ain’t Shit” is gonna thump…ha ha.

Oh and word…I agree with Chris man…get some sleep…ha ha.

This “mixtape” is looking to be one of the best rap albums of 2007. Seriously. So pumped for… all of it. Especially Pack and SOS on a track, Chico, Substantial on a Kno beat, and Cashmere’s contribution.

Qn5 > all

Mr. Mecca’s absence notwithstanding ( frown ), WOW. That track list looks absolutely amazing. I’m amped to hear Pack & SOS go back and forth on Start/Stop (which, based on the title, sounds like it’ll be sick!), and you + Pack on Ruthless.

Plus, a new Chico & The Man track, several solo Tonedeff tracks…and also Domingo, CL, Poison Pen, Archrival, Cash.

26 tracks. I don’t know what else to say, I’m still in shock.

Peace out Tonedizzle

Oh and also, thanks for the behind-the-scenes look…very interesting read.

Qn5 always has the best album covers. oh, and the music isn’t half bad either :P Can’t wait for this to drop.

pack fm and sos

oh helllll nah


I’ve heard about half of the material and I can honestly say this may prove to be the best Asterisk yet. Can’t wait to hear and see the end result of Tone and the fams hardwork.

Stay in Peace

hey nice job!! continuing a long line of classics! If I catch this in a store, I will definitely cop it– unless I’ve already bought it at a show or online.

thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you
pre-ordered (Y)

Man, I hope I get to have the number 2 one day. I’d have the whole collection that way. :D

i wrote a review of asterisk: four @ pornforcreatives…. http://www.wuntwo.com/blog

nice work craig!

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