Atlanta’s Annual Kentucky vs Louisville Game Watch Party [Shot by Deacon The Villain]

Posted 8 years, 8 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, 6 hours, 58 minutes ago by Deacon The Villain

If you didn’t know, Natti & I are huge UK fans. Each year former Kentucky residents that currently reside in Atlanta come together and enjoy the rivalry between University of Kentucky & University of Louisville.

Since this year they were both ranked within the Top 5 teams in the nation (#3 and #4 at the time of the game), I decided to take my camera to capture the “KY” love for my homey Rob Jackson (one of the event organizers).

I know that 99% of you reading this are not from Kentucky, but sorry… we love KY. Natti had tickets to the actual game IN Kentucky, but he still hipped me to the right-on-time “Louisville Doesn’t Exist” Hoodies the day before the game.

Notable appearances:

00:12 & 01:12 – Soul Akoben (of Crop Circle) – Recently sang the hook on NWL’s “Rip The Guts”
00:20 & 01:07 – KY FinisRecently spotlighted by CunninLynguists
00:55 & 01:19 – 01:35 – Rob Jackson – Recently featured on “Believe” by CunninLynguists for HopeMob’s Kickstarter Campaign. Also featured on “Take Me Back” from QN5 Music’s Asterisk: Three

For that 1% of yall that’s from KY, we might need you to make a road trip next year!