[AUCTION] 90’s Hip Hop 101

Posted 12 years, 1 month, 3 weeks, 1 day, 2 hours, 51 minutes ago by Deacon The Villain

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I’m not really the sentimental type. I could fly to the moon tomorrow and prolly wouldn’t bring back any lunar dust particles or video of myself jumping around in zero gravity. That just ain’t me. But when it comes to certain things (Women & Music) I may hold on to certain things just so I can always have that memory.

Well… I’ve recently moved to Atlanta and the same amount of money that had me living in a 3 bedroom house in Kentucky got me living in a 1 Bedroom apartment in downtown Atlanta. It’s all gravy though, but a n*gg*h got to downsize some things. I’ve already given alot of things to charity, but when it comes to my music I can’t give it to just anybody.

I’ve lived in 10-15 different places in my life and a box containing over 100 hip hop singles from my childhood has been following me around the entire time.

Me Being Crazy for the GirlsMeet Shaun King. When we were about 15 years younger we used to make weekly trips to a certain music store in Lexington, Kentucky and steal 20-30 singles at a time. At our collective heights, we probably had over 400 singles and we listened to them everyday all day. Ironically, Shaun’s a preacher now and would never condone stealing, but since I know he’s a Robin Hood fan this plan doesn’t give me a guilty conscious.

I’m auctioning off all the remainders from our collection in an effort to raise money for a Church that Shaun’s starting. I don’t know if God would agree with this in principle, but these stolen tapes can do good for his Kingdom in my eyes!

For more information visit Courageous.tv or Shauninthecity.com. If he raises 30,000 by August 31st they’ll recieve matching funds from ARC.