Dope track, verses are FIRE.

And wow they really did censor “sex’ and not “motherfucker”.

I usually don’t feel the techno collabs too much (that “Uncontrollable” SOS/Stan track was cool though).. and this shit was pretty bananas.

Some ass like Alexis Texas.


Yes! This shit is *CENSORED*.

The last verse over the beat change-up is TOO sick.

And the artwork is LOL

this thing covers awesomeness from all angles
love me more Tonedeff tracks

This is one of the best surprises I’ve ever had. This track is fucking incredible! Very Happy

As a long time lover of hip-hop, and a recent convert into the realm of trance/house music, I can officially say that this track is my SHIT.

fresh as hell. Def rocking this in the whip this weekend

this a great surprise..i think the tracks dope

“In November of 2009, Tonedeff spent an entire weekend combing through every image ever posted on LastNightsParty.com”

Is this why CATM hasn’t come out yet?

Sick shit! The beat is nuts and the verses are dope.

I don’t like these bang/thorp sounding songs from Tonedeff…just not the kind of style I like. Oh well, better than hearing no tonedeff songs at all I guess.

May we please have some lyrics at some point Smile

Can’t wait to press play. I love that Tone is getting into techno. I’ve wanted to hear another song like Punk for awhile!

What’s up with the album art though? Is it a spoof of the Black Key’s album Brothers?

The black keys one is a spoof of howlin wolf lol

that’s the best fucking cover, ever.

I’m liking this

LOL @ cover! this song is dope as fuck (and a great surprise)... makes me want to be at the club on x gettin crazy to it.

liking the vibe, and that Tone is on some techno shit (long time since Punk). When done well (as in this case) it can be so good! Would love to hear more!

btw is the download link just a stream or an actual DL? it just streams thru quicktime for me

i like this a lot

Break out your glow sticks.

I likez it, I think Tone’s fast ass sounds sounds more natural over techno than any other rapper. I’m djing a fight night next weekend so this and Bang are definitely gettin a lot of love. And Case Closed and Let’s Go and Ruthless and Punk and Heavyweight. Haha.

wow, not only is his flow great as usual.but his voice is also smooth as usual

this song is so sick!!!!! tone should do a full length techno album that would be dope

Tonedeff’s flow is impeccable, but my ears still need time to start digging these sounds. Altho after 0230 in it’s bearable.

holy fuck this is good

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