[AUDIO] Dastardly (Kokayi + Sharkey) - “Nasty Girl”

Posted 10 years, 6 months, 2 weeks, 3 days, 17 hours, 24 minutes ago

Dastardly“Nasty Girl” | [DOWNLOAD MP3] | BUY ‘BRIGHT OUTLOUD’ @ [iTUNES] [AMAZON]

Taking a brief gut-laugh hiatus from the official Robots & Dinosaurs thread in Kokayi’s forum, we figured we’d toss you an upbeat goodie from his most recent project that your next house party will thank you for. Kokayi recently teamed up with producer Sharkey to form DASTARDLY and release Bright Outloud – an unapologetic danceable electrofunk EP that sounds like Phil Spector on a coke-binge in Baltimore.

“Nasty Girl” is a track we’ve tested in multiple party settings and it ALWAYS kills. What sets this joint apart from your typical ass-shaker are its finessed touches of multi-part harmonies and a thrashy break layered over a Bmore-bounce beat that’s infectious as fuck. With lyrics like these, how can any self-respecting party-hound resist?

“Shake it, girl, till your pussy wet – and you can’t pet it, wet it get – Let it drip!”

Bright Outloud is available now on iTunes & Amazon. Kokayi’s QN5-debut, Robots & Dinosaurs, is currently in the kitchen. Don’t sleep, folks. (QK10, Bitch!)



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