OMG, I thought this was the single and pre-orders, and I saw the video box and I thought music video too?????? Damn, reacted too quickly.

Later today then?

I’ve been refreshing for the last few hours for the pre-orders going up. I just thought this was it Sad

Are we not getting it today?

not that this isnt cool or anything, and im not trying to be selfish but…
wtf i want that single lol!

Haha I swear my heart stopped for a few seconds

I liked this. It was well put together and makes me wanna check out his stuff.

I look forward to more of these QN5 has put me onto some great artists already and there’s always room for more.

Death is Silent! Wait…tricksters.

WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT a second…. ‘Teethree’ used to post on these boards!!

That’s pretty sick that he’s on the album. I think I remember him putting a track or two up back in the day and I didn’t like them all that much. But from the clips in the video and that 2DB post it sounds like he’s definitely matured as an emcee.

HOLY SHIT…THAT’S TEETHREE. THAT’S the guy on Rhythm of the Rain?!?!?!?!?!? WOW.

(Oh wait, worm beat me to it.)

That’s fucking awesome!

Dude, I was in high school marching band with this cat Very Happy

I was hoping for the single as well…

still cool tho, gunna check his stuff out preDIS

first i was like aww shit no death is silent.
but fuckkk this cat is off the chain. just went and got every single song i could find by him featuring him whatever. sending it around to my friends. shit i love QN5, props from the west coast

thanks 4 the love yall ive been a blue schooler since waaaay back so im hoping when i make it happen i can turn some people on to QN5…....

The Artist Formerly Known as Teethree

Congrats The Artist Formerly Known as Teethree!

And can’t wait for Death is Silent….

Tom, I have vivid memories of listening to your mixtape while playing Super Mario Galaxy the first time through. Pretty epic stuff.

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