[AUDIO] DJ Deckstream - “Destination Sky (f/ Substantial)”

Posted 9 years, 1 month, 5 days, 3 hours, 34 minutes ago

DJ Deckstream Soundtracks 2

Substantial’s back with DJ Deckstream (formerly known as Monorisick from his Hyde Out Production days w/ Nujabes) featuring on his new album called Soundtracks 2, which was released in Japan on 2.11.09. The album is available now at HMV Japan and iTunes Japan, featuring artist like T-Boz (of TLC), Mos Def, Nice & Smooth, N’dea Davenport (of The Brand New Heavies) & More.


Last week this album debuted #2 on the iTunes Japan album charts. The only thing cooler than that is the fact that Substantial’s song is currently the top selling song on the album. We guess it’s safe to say that Sub still gets plenty love in Japan.


Soundtracks 2 (Tracklisting):
01. “Screwtape” feat. L-Universe
02. “Unconditional Love” feat. Nice & Smooth
03. “Exit Sign” feat. NIkki Jean
04. “Around We Go” feat. Novel
05. “Recall The Scene” feat. Junji Chiba
06. “For My Ladies” feat. Melodee
07. “Real Thang” feat. N’dea Davenport
08. “Life Is Good” feat Mos Def
09. “This Is” feat. Spree Wilson
10. “Destination Sky” feat. Substantial
11. “Some Day” feat. T-Boz
12. “Funny Love” feat. Milka



P.S. This track is also on Sub’s Myspace page, so be sure to add it to your playlist.