such an ill track.

Not bad. Sounded off beat at times, although that could be a result of my shitty headphones at work.

thats pretty dope. I was think’n what pack said about wondering how he got the acapella(maybe he just used a program to turn the beat on it all the way down??)

WHOA man! Never expected this. Glad you liked it Pack!

As for how I got the acapella (don’t worry… I didn’t break into you’re studio lol), I just inverted the instrumental and put it over the original track. The instrumental then gets cancelled out and you’re left with the acapella. The trick doesn’t always work, but it happened to work perfectly with Excuses (my favourite track off WDFMS4 cos I’m always late). That’s how I got the Immortal Tech one aswell.

Thanks for the shout out man and if you’re ever looking for tracks just ask!

P.S. Damn sorry iCON I just realized I forgot to put you on the track listing. My bad. I got no excuses for that!

dope.. I gotta definitely get this on the mp3 player

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