This joint is nuts. Nice, short, lyrical FIRE.

Nice, love it!

YES, IT"S FINALLY RELEASED…I’ve been waiting for this song to drop since i heard it at the qn5 show at bowery poetry club a couple months back

This is hot.
“Sleep is the cousin of death, so pay attention or get an invitation to a family reunion” Pack is ill

Yes! Been waiting for a Homeboy Sandman / Qn5 collab since I started listening to him. Heatrocks!

Damn leave it to Qn5 to introduce me to ill new artists
Thank you

Bonkers is the perfect name for this

These guys never dissapoint

Damn, that track is hot!!

Become a fan when I saw Homeboy on the freestyle besides Tone and Pack. Original and he has a unique style, refreshing. Really, it looks like these two were made to collab with each other. Hoping for more HS + QN5 Smile

new music goodness Smile

Great collab!! I have much respect for both of these dudes and their talent! And both have a work ethic and a sheer will to fight for what they believe in in regards to what Hip Hop means to them that I truly admire.

And might I add “Starter Pistol”...that is all…

This is absolutely nucking futs. i dig the work.


I second what Spycko said.

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