One word: Haunting.

WOW! That cover art is stunning… props for Sol Exposure

Transporting. Thank you Kno.

Not gonna listen. i want the full DIS experience.
by the by rhythm of the rain is currently topping my itunes play count list at 163 listens. UM obbsessed much? get a life you wierdo…..

Cant wait to check this when I get home.

Not listening to this. Gonna wait for the whole album now. When do pre-orders ship?

... everytime i listen to any of Kno’s instrumentals my heart beats in a different rhythm

Hehe, sampling some Kanye West at the end, I must admit I’m a bit surprised, small secretive person Very Happy

Drop Heavy Chain, Kno, drop it Very Happy

Scott A. said:Not listening to this. Gonna wait for the whole album now. When do pre-orders ship?

on October 8

This is ridiculous.

Much prefer it to RotR personally.. already become one of my fav tracks of the year

what a great surprise to wake up to! Great song, love the dinner for schmucks quote at the end.

WOW! This is truly a beautiful song. I’m stunned

that song is legit. nice tit art too haha

I am pretty certain that this is my favorite track off the album. It is just absolutely stunning and beautiful

Not gonna listen, LALALALALA!

Nice artwork C:

Wow, I’m in love.

I fuckin’ love this track…. love it! I think I could listen to this beat for damn near eternity.


@deac yup, definitely agree. In fact it’s what I wake up to every morning.

Kno. You’re a motherfucker for this one. Smile

Epic win.

I was finally started to get a little patient waiting for DIS and now you have to release this beautiful track and make me overly impatient all over again. Looks like being a workaholic definitely doesn’t effect your quality of work.

So here I am, hung the fuck over lying in bed when suddenly I get an email on my phone.. I see it’s from QN5, I open the email only to find it is some of the best news ever! New Kno track! I think this may have cured my hangover..
Sooo dope!

Yes! What a nice treat to wake up to. Beautifully produced as always Kno…cant wait to get that coffin on my doorstep. But in the meantime can we get the next CATM clue? happy

Definitely my favorite song on the album at the moment… this song is soooo hot.

Atmosphere’s great, it’s amazing how cunning linguists and producers can make music carry this awesomeness to the listener. Can’t wait for the album.

Was not expecting this, awesome!
I’m pissed I’m on my phone in class right now n I can’t listen. Can’t wait to get home and listen

To listen or not to listen….aaaaaargggh


Like Deacon said, you can listen to this beat forever. It will never get old.

Fantastic song. And there’s still 11 more I’ve yet to hear Very Happy

Brilliant track and gorgeous artwork, yet again. Waiting for my copy to be delivered smile

This song is amazing.

This song makes me want to die, in a good way.

That art is hawt.

This song is climbing up the ladder of my favorites.

Beautiful insanity in audio form.

That lady in the artwork has got a body, oooh wee.

^^ yet it is unclear whether or not she has been decapitated…

i cannot stop singing “come die with me” everywhere i go
and the beat is soo good

The thing I love most about this song, is that it’s a panty-soaker…AND it’s smart.

That’s the musical equivalent of a miracle, my friends.

Beautiful track.
If I’m getting the album before 21 oktober, I’ll make the doctors play it while I’m having my MRI.

When I first heard it I couldn’t stop smiling because the beat just made me so happy.

this track is amazing as expected…the artwork is beautiful..the song is haunting…i cannot wait to play this album on repeat for 6 months straight

Mia Rose in a video? Too nice.

Another track from DIS to listen to?! This is going to be one hell of an album. GG.

Thematically so dope! I think people from the 1800s would get down and subsequently fuck to this.

And really, I meant to say like the 1400s.

Wwwwwwwwoooooooowwwwwwwww… this is insane… I hope everyone looked up the things they didn’t get at first cause this is pretty deep…

omfg , this is sick. i cant stop listenning to it. KNO you’r a master in production.

It’s quite possible I’m being dumb, but how do you download this? When I click dirty, for instance, it just takes me to a page where the song plays.

right click - save as

Thanks houstonz

I digs it.

Triple entendres.


This is one of those songs that affects the human biology. Pulse quickens, skin flushes, heavy breaths increase oxygen to the lungs. You sir have outdone yourself once again. It’s great to hear you on the mic again Kno, and the beat…..well i dont think i have words to describe what you have created. I guess all i can say is thank you.

Can’t wait to hear this - am waiting for the album. But am jumping at the bit with excitement. It is such a cool feeling to have 500% confidence in an artist. To know in advance, that whatever Kno’s created is gonna make my heart sing.

Beautiful track.

Shame that preorders for the CD are closed, I was too broke to put down.

“come die with me” was pure fucking sex. I was more than impressed with Kno’s lyrics. This song is / was sex to my ears.

^ welcome to the fold, chica. Smile

I had to make an account just to comment on this.

Literally one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard. Already my most played song on last.fm. Like one of the earlier comments pointed out, this is haunting.

Thanks for giving me something to remember, Kno. Definitely gonna drop some money on this album.

Thanks for the welcome. it’s about time I made my way to this site.

holy shit @ this beat. my god..

La petite morte = ‘orgasm’ en francais.

Hot shit. Looking forward to DiS

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