Along with Autumn Rules, Only is my favorite piece on this album. The hook is very singable.

Nice this is what i voted for
i ef’in love this song, good choice as a single

one of my top 3 songs on the album
Kokayi deserves more love

hell yeah, that song is so tight. a classic, I’m feeling it.

everyone should go rate them at 2dopeboyz and potholesinmyblog!!

LOOOVE this song. The piano man! It is orgasmic!

this is that joint though.. love the theme behind.. i always said this song hit real close to home..

i was really hoping for the lyrics though.. but ehhh

Still my favorite song on the album. Smile

::very impatiently waits for this album to show up in mailbox::

can’t break. waiting for it all in one earful!
it is madness!

they got mailed the 19th right? don’t worry i don’t expect it to be here (scotland) by now!

Can’t wait to get my copy of the album.
From the songs I’ve heard it’s gonna be fire!

Btw this song grew on me immensely, shits’ dope.

Just beautiful.

my goodness i cannot wait for this to be in my mail box. come on postal service!

Yeah. I live in PA…sooooo…lost in transit or what?

Great track offa great album!

*checks mailbox for the 20th time this week*

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