man, I downloaded that shit off youtube last year and jammed the hell out of it! Love that song!

Yo, there’s gotta be a way…

This track is really really good…The beat is dope, lyrics are on point and the hook is dope too
This song is goin on repeat for at least the day.

DAMN. That beat is a banger. I love it. All the verses were excellent

this track needs a remix!

I remember yall playing this in the whip while we were on tour. Shit is hot folks.

Yes, I remember that song from the video, and why the hell aren’t you singing on that hook with Deacon, Kno

Sidenote: Who mixed and mastered that song?? That shit is amazing!

ahhh, thanks for this! this reminded me of how dope looptroop is and how i need to get on copping ‘good things’. this song is really fresh. cunninlynguists and looptroop is one lovely combination.

mmmm supreme just doesn’t do it for me……..i don’t think looptroop should do another album with-out cos m.i.c……….nice track otherwise.

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