One of my favorites on the album for sure!

“Outlandish shit you never heard before, like Black Panthers pumping their fists on Jersey Shore”

definitely a hot track

when i first played this track I thought, damn this shits haaaat. Now playing it back its fucking deep. Taking on ignorance in a thesis is hard-in a 2 minute rap song even better.
keep blowing my mind.

I think this beat is my favorite on the album. Love it.

This one grew on me. (pause?)

Wait, wasn’t King born on January 15th 1929? The cover says the 29th but Google says the 15th.

Doesn’t take anything away from an awesome track though.

^^^ Yes he was. Fixed.

awesome song
whole album is apples (can you use other fruits for bananas?)

Another gem from an incredible album..

Love the beat and both verses, especially when Deacon is ready to kill someone by the end and you can hear it in his voice. Sick!

absolutely crazy.

i dont know what the hell i been thinking, cause i hadnt bought this yet, BUT, i just did :p i know im late, but i order it from qn5.com/nwl just now, hopefully im not TOO late lol.

by the way, this song is fucking nice!

Great song, beats rly good and always nice to see a pack spot, can’t wait to see him live. Loving the album from the first couple spins, just arrived today. First impressions are that both sheisty and deacon do some rediculous stuff lyrically and I had no idea how good deac was at production. He sounds on top form with his flow etc as well. Sheisty does some things with words and rhyme schemes that should be illegal. Pretty amazed at the quality of everything I’ve bought from qn5 last year.

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