Brilliant song! I favor this over the other, though they’re both good.

Dope track. Marq Spekt lays down some nice verses.

5 more days!

Not completely sure how these dope twisted intros have to do with the actual flow of the album or if they even do, but I’m loving them.

I enjoyed this song. It shifted gears from roadhouse as far as the overall vibe of the song goes. Kno and Spekt seem to have versatility on these album based on the first two singles which makes me even more stoked for Machetes release

I love this one. Even slightly more than Roadhouse.

ive bump this song like 10 times already today ive def. gonna cop this album i just hope they pressed sum vinyls for it

Another banger!
I love the commentary that comes with each leak as well.

Always putting out the best ofcourse… much love

Kno’s diversity doesn’t even surprise me anymore.

Not listening to any more singles till it drops….This is gonna be 1 nasty cd

headphones: CRAZY

where do I cop this album Now

Where do i cop this album now [2]

[Verse 1]

They ain’t really know, they just believe in the legend
No matter what you say you neither sheep nor shepard
I knew some good people with evil intentions
Who only wanted beef and believe me we fed ‘em
So greedy and desperate, in the street with the metal
Had a need for speed kept they feet on the pedal
While we deep in the trenches tryna reach for the heavens
You ain’t gotta feel me dawg, you see how we reppin’
Is he really the essence or just demons with weapons?
Giving you a cure through a lethal injection
People get jealous and they feel disrespected
When they see you shining more, then the gleam in the necklace
They can keep the pretenses, never needed your friendship
Just like, I don’t need a needle to hem
What’s with all the secret agendas?
Flatter than success but underneath every level
There’s a deal with the devil, a soul to be sold
So no reason to sweat ‘em
You can keep what you sellin’
And deceit that you tellin’
Believe he a menace
With his head held high while you flee to the exit
Spank you little rappers and I teach ‘em a lesson
Say fuck the status quo cause hip-hop needed a rebel
Fuck the status quo cause hip-hop needed a rebel

[Yeah!] But I don’t need any credit..

[Verse 2]

My belly forced to catch em eatin’ yo breakfast
At yo momma house and you feelin’ the pressure
Think something sweet till they peelin’ your melon
Say fuck the party though came through and peed on the guest list
Thinking we the same but I don’t see the resemblance
You can catch me living life real free and aggressive
In my genes is a blessing
Now demons get naked
Try dick riding and give my penis a French kiss
Squeezin’ their breast milk, there’s really a budget
Got my teeth in they neck ‘bout to feast in a second
While he speak in a reference, got that beaming for best
Creepin’ your peeps and they breachin’ defenses
My whole team effervescent, schemin’ to get it
See they feenin but the vino got me leaning in venice
Tilt the beamers with dwellers
You ain’t seen the perspective
Blowin’ smoke through the roof and it’s greener than envy
Got a dream and a death wish
You see, he respected
With his head held high and y’all flee to the exit
Spank you little rappers and I teach ‘em a lesson
Say fuck the status quo cause hip-hop needed a rebel
But I don’t need any credit..
Spank you little rappers and I teach ‘em a lesson
Say fuck the status quo cause hip-hop needed a rebel..

[Yeah] It’s all C’s, are you ready?

[Verse 3]

When I ball my fists I want all my shit [shit]
Listen how hard I spit
Who else got heart like this?
Spit it raw like this?
Yeah we talk fly shit
Cut off y’all light switch
When we spark fires
And y’all caught my drift
It’s all on my twist
And they on my tip
Cause I’m in my bag
And y’all on my list
Beg my pardon if I get so monstrous
Several caught in it
Came and conquered it with confidence
The chef don’t need your compliments
And they all convinced from the songs I mix
We cut through barb wires
Griltchy with the flow but the poor righteous
We all in the wealth, but we all diamonds
Take it from the ground, we gon’ be alright kid
And they can’t take my shine I get it on like this!

do that shit, do that shit, do it..

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