[AUDIO] MarQ Spekt & Kno - “Roadhouse (ft. Action Bronson)”

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MarQ Spekt & Kno – “Roadhouse (ft. Action Bronson)” // [DOWNLOAD MP3]

You regain consciousness as you feel a mixture of blood and sweat dripping into your eyes, burning. You hear whimpering, crying — you wonder “Where’s Emily? Where’s Brad? Have I pissed myself?” Disoriented you hear the untempered whirring of power tools. Power tools? What in the FUCK do they need power tools for? Whatever it is they want, you’ll give it to them and never utter a word of what you’ve seen — because they know exactly where you live.

MarQ Spekt & Kno – MacheteVision drops October 25th 2011 – MacheteVision.com