crazy!!! the instru is banging and Mr. SOS is straight up awesome


That shit is fucking wild.

sos kills it on this track, 100%. “working, starving, eating garbage” indeed. it’ll be very interesting to see how this track ties into the concept clues that’ve been left on the forums.


as for the beat…this is how you mix industrial aesthetics into a hip-hop track, folks. none of this kanye west, “i’ll just place this one sample here, include the prefix ‘robo’ in the name, and call it a wrap” bullish.

i especially like the way the beat evolves over time. extra synth lines in the second verse and the sonic collage in the third verse ESPECIALLY. filthy, grimy, fresh.

im lovin it sos

Dope shit..Nasty beat tone..I can’t wait for 6/02/09………..

SJV1 made me get a paypal account… now i actually get to use it. bring on the preorders!

thats some terminator shit right there, this album is gonna be the shit

this track is fresh!


JEA!! SOS and Tone both killed that one.

I love this joint. Love the concept, the cover, the production, the reality. Now let’s all go to Disney World and get finger-printed with their biometric HAND-E-SCAN before entering. For our safety, of course. Definitely looking out for that pre-order. Excellent lead single.

cot damn! SOS stepped his game up for this one

This beat is RIDICULOUS. Tone is a very under-rated producer. Hes a beast on the synths.

This makes me feel old but…

How many of you caught the reference they dropped 18 seconds into the track?

“The Bionic Woman” sound effect? Yeah. (I can be a nerd and reference the other sound effects…but, I’m not…)

WOW! I want to hear the entire album. Ridiculous track! Tone and SOS put so much emotion into their work, and they really reveal themselves. Real music.

Man this track is ridiculously good!
Bumpin’ and SOS kills it!
Dope dope.
Can’t wait for the ‘bomb’

Great job Tone on the production!

This is ill! S.O.S killed it.

Only thing that can improve it is watching this while u listen:


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