[AUDIO] Substantial & Marcus D - “Recovery (Hold On)” from ‘Rhymes & Rhythms for Relief’

Posted 10 years, 8 months, 6 days, 9 hours, 11 minutes ago by Substantial

<a href="http://djbooth.bandcamp.com/track/recovery-hold-on-substantial-marcus-d">&quot;Recovery (Hold On)&quot; &#8211; Substantial &amp; Marcus D by DJBooth.net</a>

Peace World! Recently, I was contacted by the good folks at DJBooth.net and asked to contribute new, exclusive or unreleased music to a charity project to help raise funds for Haiti Relief. Without hesitation I contacted Marcus D and two days later we submitted “Recovery (Hold On)”.

“Below is a link to download DJBooth.net’s just-released “Rhymes and Rhythm for Relief” charity project. The response from the artists we work closely with has been incredible (we received over 100 submissions) and as a result we have over 25 original and unreleased records that have been donated to the album. The project is available for sale (with a suggested donation of 5 dollars) with 100% of all proceeds going to several charities that are supporting the relief effort in Haiti.” – Taken From DJBooth.net

For more information on this release, track-listing, production credits, etc., [click here]. Enjoy, spread the word and continue to donate. Lets remember to back our prayers and hopes with action. One love, one world, HELP HAITI.


Stay in Peace

PS. I’ll post the lyrics over the weekend. Word to my momma’s momma.