[AUDIO] Substantial — “The Knock (feat. Tunji)” - Produced By: Algorythm - (Asterisk:Five Leak)

Posted 5 years, 6 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, 8 hours, 15 minutes ago

ASTERISK:FIVE LEAK!?!?!? Well, way way way way back in the century of 2009, work was underway on the fifth installment of QN5’s Asterisk: series. Covers were designed, beats were being collected, guest appearances started to get ironed out, initial recording began – and then – SILENCE. There were so many moving parts that the project basically imploded. It was during that time that this gem was recorded.

Pairing our favorite west coast affiliate Tunji with DMV-rep Substantial over an ultra-funky head-nodder from Algorythm, the result was “The Knock” one of only a handful of tracks that was turned in for the project. The two MCs had previously worked together, as evidenced by Tunji’s lyric “Went from Sparking my Soul to Asterisk:Five” (Of course, an allusion to the previous collabo by this pairing on CunninLynguists Strange Journey Volume One release).

This leak has been online for a few years, but resurfaced on Soundcloud last night after Substantial re-posted it from Algorythm’s feed (LEAK!!!) – but now you know where it was originally intended on being released. And the fate of Asterisk:Five? It’s on the back-burner for now. These projects were always fun to create, but historically our lowest sellers. Still, if you’re into the histrionics of the label, they’re an absolute MUST-HAVE though. Perhaps if you pester us enough and show enough of a demand for it, we’ll re-prioritize this project. With tracks like “The Knock” as evidence of what could’ve been – we think it’s safe to assume that Asterisk:Five was on it’s way to being the best of the series.

What sayeth you, blue schoolers?