It knocks, for sure.

Man, I’d love to see Asterisk:Five finally happen. This was a pretty cool surprise. Don’t think I’ve heard it before.

Quality track, good to finally hear this.

I’ll dig Asterisk:Five for sure; I’ll take a Halfstrisk with just the songs that are finished and bump that. But I understand it is hard to be finishing old projects when you next level. I just rebought all the Asterisks digital copies cause the disks were getting old and a couple of tracks were skipping. Each one is great. Further greatness definitely supported from my end.

awwww you guys KNOW what we’re going to say: of course we think you should release it. but ultimately it would have to get priority over your main projects. i’m happy for you guys to focus on the stuff that will bring in the real $$ until it is time for this one

Never heard of it. Pretty awesome.

And of course I’d love an asterisk five. I was so pumped when it was announced.

But yeah, seems logical that main projects should come first.

But still…

really like this track! i’d totally get whatever album it’s on, whenever it comes out Smile

This is dope as hell!

I sayeth giveth moar!

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