100 rappers retiring after hearing this? CHECK.

very happy QN5 fan? CHECK.

yo this track is john blazin

“Dummies dip like ‘holy shit!’ Tone’s just as quick when you slow him down”


This is a banger! And that hook = Fantastic!

GREAT track.

Algorythm killed the beat. It’s mental!

Just what my week needed Very Happy

Banger. Blasting this in the car today.

I think this just beat out good combination as my favorite tone and pack song

rhyming whole sentences… mhhh… thats more prose than poetry, just with rhymes. And a banging beat. and a nice flow…

I think this just beat out good combination as my favorite tone and pack song


This is fucking insane! I’ve only listened through it once but hot damn!! I was hoping I was gunna get my IFHR tonight for the download card, but this track will keep me going instead Very Happy

Fucking insane. This joint is gettin analysed.

This track is disgusting. Tone destroyed it.

Tone and Pack DESTROYED that beat.

Dope song.

OMFG this track is wild!


seems like y’all are gettin some good looks for this track.

i’m is happy.

really love the flow you took tone and pack what can i say that wasn’t already been said. So with that i say… DOPE TRACK!

DOPE AS FCUK. QK10 itchesbay.

^ What he said!

“when I leave people speechless – how will I get word of mouth?” ...this shit is fuckin dope, crazy rhyme schemes from both y’all

Has anyone noticed that Pack literally breaks for ONE breath in that verse?

This is doooooooooooooope.

Listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKhFmXn-KIU @ 0:52!

It’s interesting to see how the beat changed…

Wasn’t too keen on it at first, but that beat is contagious. And yes, rhyming complete sentences and having the rap still make sense is sick as swine flu. Hot damn.

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