[AUDIO] Tonedeff - “Sunrise (v2)”

Posted 4 years, 3 weeks, 21 hours, 52 minutes ago

NYC’s emcee/producer/singer/songwriter, Tonedeff delivers a massive new single from his new album, Polymer. “Sunrise (v2)” is at once a freestyle-flavored stadium trap epic and a paean to embracing insomnia and the stressful grind of modern life. Following a mechanically vicious second verse, the song culminates in wall-of-sound style choir, featuring the voices of Fjer, Kokayi, Deacon The Villain (CunninLynguists), Steph The Sapphic Songstress and newcomer, Emilia James. This is progressive hip hop taken to gorgeous new heights.

“I wanna be riddled with millions of rays on the skin of my face
Till the cinnamon pigment is colored crimson in shade
And I’ve been in the gray and I’m sick of waiting
And I don’t want to wonder anymore if the sun has risen today”

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