[AUDIO] Wordsworth - “Reach” [Produced By Dave Notti]

Posted 9 years, 3 months, 1 day, 10 hours, 34 minutes ago

FINALLY! Some brand-new newness from longtime QN5-affiliate and current EMC-member Wordsworth. Words has been laying low since the release of his debut album Mirror Music, touring with EMC (w/ Masta Ace, Punchline & Strick), while steadily murdering the booth in preparation of his next (as of yet) untitled follow-up. He was kind enough to drop this off in our inbox to let y’all know that he’s indeed back and that he’s indeed not fucking around with you.

Never one to pat himself on the back in public, so we’ll do it for him. Wordsworth is hands down one of the best lyricists to have EVER touched a pen. Granted the man hasn’t sold millions of units, and his plain-spoken delivery won’t earn him any Onyx fans, but his ability to make wordplay his bitch is the stuff of legend. The fact of the matter remains that, all your favorite flavor-of-the-month punchline rappers owe this man a debt of gratitude for his pioneering work on the Lyricist Lounge albums alone. With that said, peep words getting a little target practice in on this Dave Notti produced head-nodder.