[DOWNLOAD] Cashmere The Pro - The Secret Tapes [EP]

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Cashmere The PRO – Rumors (feat. Nuke) [Produced By Oh No] | [DOWNLOAD THE EP]

Cashmere The Pro is like Sasquatch in more ways than one. He’s 9 feet tall, weighs about 700 lbs, has the strength of a gorilla and a voice to match. Oh, and you only catch glimpses of him during a lunar eclipse if you’re lucky. This dude lays low, tending to his tribe of progeny and maintaining whatever secret mud-lodge he’s constructed to house himself. Rumor has it, he migrated from NY to GA many moons ago. We only really know he exists, because we found this batch of previously unreleased songs scattered throughout the bushes in Atlanta. We’ve zipped it up for your personal investigation into his whereabouts. The picture above is an artist rendering. Cryptozoology has never sounded this dope.

1. Rumors (feat Nuke) – [Produced By Oh No]
2. In the Building – [Produced By L1 Productions]
3. Welcome to the Dirtay – [Produced by Khrysis]
4. South City (feat J Bully) – [From ‘Educated Thug Music Vol 2’]
5. Breakdown – [Produced By Sol The B-Side Frakenstein]
6. Holla At Cha Dude – [Produced by K-Slack]