QN5 putting music up for free download on the internet is like finding diamonds while seeping through a freshly stacked pile of shhhteaming hot fertilizer. Or so I’ve heard.

Thank you kindly for the music!

Wow this is awesome. Cant wait for Dirty Acres. Thanks for the song.

on instant repeat on winamp.

“Thank you kindly for the music!” co-signed.

wow. i’ve been bumping this everyday at work off of myspace. thank you so much for sharing. that is very exciting

Word up. Hot Shit.

i will bang this with the windows down even if its -20

Awesome. I love the bassline at the end of the track.

This is an amazing song. I listen to your last album nearly everyday. Thanks for your good music.

Shit is sick fellas. Counting the days till Dirty Aces

I’m waiting for the album thank you

Thanks a lot for the great music!

America loves Cunninlynguists

you guys have to come back to gothenburg sweden soon… release your album and get here, thank you for for being great musicians!

Love Your Music! Come to Vancouver, you got lots of fans in Canada

Cunninlynguists is the real hip hop as lone catalyst etc……keep the pressure!!i hope to c u in Paris!!!!!!peace

europe loves cunninlynguists! loved the show you did on splash festival and that new track is just pure gold.

This is really awesome, it’s been on repeat for hours and everytime I like it even more. Good job guys!

Europe loves u guys :
Love this song, I can’t wait anymore for Dirt Acres to drop, damn I’m looking forward to that :

Can u please comeback to Norway and play this summer please!!!!!

CL is my shit for life. You gots a sale in me.

Awesome song, can’t wait till the album drops!!!
Please come out to Sydney, Australia and do some shows!!!
While your out here u can check out the great sun, surf and beautiful women Australia has to offer

Portugal also love Cunnin.

Keep it up

I’m trying to hold u guys an LB down in NC.

We got love for you in the south too.
Love this Jam, its on my Ipod now.

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