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Kokayi – “Autumn Rules [D.Painter RMX] | [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Kokayi’s been on his “studio santa” steeze lately, and today is no different. After last week’s 8bit Ubermantals instro collection, Koke has decided to hop on the gift sleigh and toss us 8 EXCLUSIVE SELECTED REMIXES from his critically acclaimed QN5-debut album, Robots & Dinosaurs.

R3T5&DNSR5 RE1MAG1NED takes the self-produced ethos and flips it on its head with remixes tackled by DJ RoddyRod, Nick tha 1Da, Cam Jus, D. Painter, DJ Outlaw, Billy The Gent and Man Mantis. This is then blended front to back by DJ Tunji (Who knew there was more than 1 Tunji in the world?). And the best part about all of this, is that it’s 100% FREE for your listening enjoyment. But only for you. So, download it, bump it and let us know what you think!

1. Intro (Let’s Get Live)
2. Ninety5 [Billy The Gent RMX]
3. Autumn Rules [D. Painter RMX]
4. Chanticleer [Cam Jus RMX]
5. DJ Tunji Interlude
6. Only [Nick tha 1Da RMX]
7. Believe It [DJ Outllaw RMX]
8. Hiya [J.Laine RMX]
9. Over There [Man Mantis RMX]
10. RoxTar (feat. Substantial) [DJ Roddy Rod RMX]