What’s that song just after the 30 minute mark, about being unlucky and all that?

21 minutes in, i forgot how much i loved some of these songs

NICE! This is awesome for everybody, but especially for my buddy who’s coming with me. He’s just getting his feet wet with Qn5 music, and this is perfect! A sincere thank you from me and my friend!

Nice! Only just started but loving the 95-Glutton transition.

Also, am I the only one that wants to see a DJ battle between Flip Flop and JS-1?

is that tonedeff track at the 16 min mark part of the new ep from polymer?! that shit sounds sick!

really nice mix. Even better 2nd time round!

tracklist coming soon

Great idea !
@Leo : Only from Kokayi’s “Robots and Dinosaurs”
@Dreign : “Bang” : http://qn5.com/music/song/bang/

this made my morning laundry run actually enjoyable Wink on my third listen, getting increasingly excited. thanks for the mix!!

fuck yeah! Good looks kenny Wink Aww yeah can’t fuckin wait..If you knew how happy my parents were when I was born ..that is the same feeling I have for this show…Thank you so much for pushing through the labels struggles to help me push through mine. If I have a baby its getting named after some1(4real!!!!!)

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