[DOWNLOAD] Tonedeff - “Warden (Love Lockdown Revamp)”

Posted 10 years, 9 months, 4 weeks, 2 days, 7 hours, 11 minutes ago by Tonedeff

Just a lil’ somethin somethin’ I did for kicks. It’s not so much a remix is as it is a re imagining of the concept – added a bunch of instrumentation, new lyrics & hook, etc. Props to Chew Fu (of Brooklyn Zoo) for reachin out to do a fresh House remix to get the ball rolling. Enjoy, folks.



V1 (Sung)

You are the warden, though you say you’re not – I say you are/
You got me numbering my days in solitary
But you don’t know what I’ve been plotting for you
Once I chip my way beyond your prison walls

I used to have a soul until you snatched it all
You are the warden of my heart.
You’ll be the last to know that you don’t have control.
You are the warden of my heart.

You used to tell me I was someone you could trust with love
But nowadays, you barely trust me to one phone call/
Hey! Girl, you leave me cuffed to the walls/
And leave with the front door open

Give me the blue sky. Give me the sunlight.
Give me your loving, baby
Give me the key to let me go – Oh let me go.
You are the warden of my heart.

Another night another, another lonesome day/
I keep on calling but you won’t come, (hey hey hey)/
Though you’re only inches away/
Where’s your mind go?

This ain’t no shawshank baby
There’s no redemption baby
I’m simply guilty, no parole in your system for me/
But I don’t wanna say a word, we know to be true
Cause I’ve already lied to serve my sentence for you/

It’s so illogical, (yeah)
We barely talk at all (yeah)
It’s strictly conjugal (yeah)
Our hearts are cold and thoughts have gone astray
I can’t stay, Not this way.

Give me the blue sky. Give me the sunlight.
Give me your loving, baby
Give me the key to let me go – Let me go.
You are the warden of my heart.

V1 (Rhyme)
Now, you’ve got a lock and key/
Sometimes it seems you’ve got it out for me/
Cause no matter what anyone says, surely I can see/
Mama, you run a lopsided democracy/
How in the hell Am I possibly thought to be shocked
when we got different philosophies
it’s hard to meet in the middle, when you belittle the issues we live through
and If I don’t agree you stomp your feet/
I wish that there was a way that I could bill you for my loss of sleep
cause I ain’t counted a fucking flock in weeks/
Ironically, you pulled the wool over my eyes/
Surprise! You ain’t he lady I thought you’d be
Props for being deceptive, But I think I’ma need an intervention
Cause I don’t wanna stop feeling you top of me/
sitting across my cheeks, devouring the very spot that keeps
my force your hungry for you, like I was an ‘aqua teen’/
Now, rock with me, master your shake/
Plans to escape are being botched as we speak
Tired of comparing apples and oranges, cause the fact is we’re always just
avoiding having to harvest honesty/
When there’s lots of grief that we cause to eachother
We gotta stop the bleeding or you can watch me leave
And break! Cause whether you like it or not, I’ll be damned if I let this loss repeat/
And there’s plenty of other sharks in the sea.