“Oh Yeah” is a hit

i’ve been missing iCON on QN5 songs lately, this should definitely fill that void

Very dope album. I seen Icon w/louis logic ahile back.Copped the cd a not too long ago.

man of the year and marked by melody are my shits.. oh and very well + keep it cool

This is a cool idea, I’m downloading now.

Greatness! DL’ing it right now… Can’t wait to here more from MiC K!NG! Smile

“Oh Yeah” is the fucking shit.

Damn, this album is hot!! Love Chum’s sound - although i’d never heard before when i got this album.. I’m really glad i got this!
REALLY REALLY REALLY lovin’ the beat on Humble - sh*****at, it’s soulful!

Thanks for the love guys. Glad at least someone is finally hearing this.

Man iCON is the shit, from his old stuff to his new, never disappoints imo. ‘Mike & The Fatman LP’ was dope as Hell so I already know this album is gonna hit hard.

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