I love the OG logo too. That is a great idea for a shirt.

IQNY all day erryday

Oh hell yeah!! These are mine I don’t care how much they cost.

Those are my two fav qn5 tees already.

This is a fantastic idea, think it was suggested but never expected it. Designs are awesome. Might buy more than 1 of each.


well, I will cop both when I get there…

I really like that IQNY shirt…

I don’t <3 NY (sorry folks), but I do <3 QN5 (awwww)

So they’re printed on the slim-fit tees where you gotta order one size bigger?


So they’re printed on the slim-fit tees where you gotta order one size bigger?

The “Acronym” tee is fitted, so yes..get a size bigger if you don’t like stuff to be snug, but the “IQNY” tee is going to be printed on regular fit tees that are made of thicker cotton. White fitted tees tend to be a tad see-through, so we’re trying not to expose your nipples at all costs.

yay new shirts

hell ya! i’ll have to swing through the venue extra early to make sure i snatch both of those

and for us girls?!?!

and for us girls?!?!

We’ll have ladies sizes.

fitted ladies sizes? Wink

houstonz said:fitted ladies sizes

in white?


Sha-Suzie said:and for us girls?!?!

QN5 said:We’ll have ladies sizes.

Nice! Smile


I just forwarded my ticketweb confirmation. Do we get a confirmation from you guys after that? Or do we just show up to the show and hope we got on the list? lol

Guess I could print out the email and bring it, too.

copping both at the show!!!!!!!

So…I live in Spain, and can’t go to the show, will they be released? I want one…

@juanka maybe if you tell some1 your size they can pick you up 1. I fucking love the I qn5 NY shirt that shit is awesome. Definitely copping 1.

@thugged0ut well, I’m not wealthy right now lol so I hope these come out later, I gotta get that QN one!!!

What if I pre-ordered a ticket already? Can I pre-order 3 more separately, and still get the shirt??

If you get 4 tix total, regardless of when… show us and you’ll get the shirt.

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