Congratz! You’ve earned it!

Great to see those 2 albums on the list, congratulations. I do think however that that it’s ridiculous that 1212 is on there. Esoteric is sick but 1212 wasn’t as good as him and 7L usually are.

Great to see Celph made it onto the list. I like his angry raps A WHOLE LOT more but hey.

Great year for the QN5 family. You guys rock.

Great job Pack! Congrats! You earned it.

More Tops are going to be topped by QN5 albums. Just sit and watch.

too bad kokayi’s album wasn’t included

Great to see both of those amazing albums on the list…but nwl is the best qn5 release this year imho. A shame that it’s being slept on so much.

Hip Hop DX knows what’s up!

awww just noticed Shad’s TSOL didn’t get on. they even gave it 4/5 (some made it with 3.5/5) and it’s got the second highest user rating of the year after Death Is Silent…

You guys deserve 1 and 2.

too bad kokayi’s album wasn’t included

I don’t believe they ever got around to reviewing it amidst all the Drake hub-bub, but yeah, I honestly think RnD & NWL (late-release) coulda made that list. No sour grapes here though…we used to get completely ignored on these things for 10 years…and now we have TWO of our albums up there. It’s a blessing. Thanks for the love and support, y’all.

yesss. albums that are worthy of recognition

Congrats.Would’ve liked to see R&D,and NWL on there too.

good job qn5!!! cant believe curren$y didnt get any love tho.

Can’t believe NWL isn’t on that list cause it’s better than 75% of that list.. just from a production standpoint, it rocks that list.. throw in the lyricism & you’ve got an album that’s tied with DiS for AOTY for me.

No sour grapes here though…

definitely. it’s a pretty good list for a relatively mainstream site i’d say

who cares what didnt make the list, QN5 DID!

GRATS!!!! Nice to see QN5 finally gets more attention..

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