I’m Quitting Rap To Start A Website.

Posted 10 years, 7 months, 2 weeks, 3 days, 18 hours, 18 minutes ago by Kno

I am writing this to inform everyone that I am done with music completely and I have decided to pour my life into my new venture — a weed dealer database.

Basically, I love weed so much I feel like the mechanics and information behind who sells what, where and for how much should be free to access to everyone all over the world. It is the information age, let us make the most of it!

Wouldn’t you love to know where in NYC to get the best Diesel so you and your wife can enjoy your vacation to The Big Apple just that much more? Plug in your ZIP code and you’ll have the name, address and untraceable cell phone number of any dealer you want based on strain and price. On a business trip to Cali and need some Purple Power? You’re merely seconds away from having every bit of info you need to make that purchase. Simply like “knowing stuff”? Spend hours just soaking it all in.

No more work involved, no more having to “know a guy that knows a guy” — just go to http://www.buddhabase.com and find everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite illegal pastime and the people who make it tick.

Granted, I don’t really even buy weed. I mostly smoke my friends’ weed or steal it when I can because I really can’t afford to smoke. I have bills to pay and so I have to prioritize — but that doesn’t stop me from loving it!

A few people have raised questions about the types of people that could access this information — ATF, FBI, local police — but I’m pretty sure those people don’t even use the internet. If it somehow impacted the quality of weed I had to smoke, yeah I’d complain about it all the time but it isn’t my responsibility. If anything actually did happen because of my database, it isn’t really my fault — the dealers should have thought about that before they started selling weed. They’re lucky anyone wanted to smoke their stupid weed in the first place. Get a real job!

So please e-mail all the information you have about your favorite local dealer — home address, contact info, physical description, types of marijuana sold, sources and prices. If you need to, ask them directly for all of this information the next time you see them — I’m positive they won’t mind. I’ll take everything I get and put it into the fully-searchable, Google-friendly database for you to peruse at your leisure.

If you like my database, be sure to click my PayPal link at the bottom and send me some funds — or just e-mail me to tell me how cool I am! Keep in mind I’ll be operating under a pseudonym, though — I don’t really like having my government name out there like that.

Thanks, and sorry to those that enjoyed my music. I’m over it, what can I say.


ps. Did I say “weed”? I meant “Hip-Hop Sample Sources”.