Don’t know why I was sleepin’ on this. I streamed it and it’s incredible front to back!

Any plans on making physical copies? Call me old school but I like my physicals, and yes my doctor is hot!

kokayi said:yes. i need to get the packaging i want together and super package deals meaning tshirts, posters, etc.. and have you preorder them and shabow…dundee

Was going to hold out till the physical came out but couldn’t wait and brought it anyway.

Finally got round to listening. DOPE! Kokayi is fucking incredible. This has set the mood for my Sunday perfectly.

fuckin legit. I love listening the progression of his music… def dope shit.

itunes download?

^^if you want kokayi to get the money, bandcamp > itunes

Bandcamp is also wayyyy easier. You can choose the file type you want (320kbps mp3, flac, etc.) instead of just getting m4a’s..

9 replies for an entire brand new album? *sigh*

Yeah 1,681 people following Kokayi on twitter and yet only 9 replies in here. The math does not add up. Is it really that hard to sign on to QN5? I did it back in like 2004 so I don’t know.

Actually I don’t know if Kokayi is trying to be humble and let the music speak for itself because unlike some artists who have a new album drop, he’s not really tweeting about it.

Great, great album. I loved every track. Especially Breeve Long E. There is something about that song that amazes me every time I listen to it

Sorry I don’t comment much… But I did pre-order it and Birdus Ghetti is my shit right now. Awesome album.

Giving it a listen now, sounding very nice, another genre absent album from the crew. This is my first listen to any Kokayi album and im loving it.

I’m REALLY diggin this! Birdus Ghetti is my shit right now - It’s stuck in my head so bad. Thanks, Koke

first track is sick! never heard nothin like that before, really fresh sound

Ps. Wayyts has been THE most played song of mine the last month! It’s just a fudging great song.

this album is great.

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