Marq Spekt - Luther (Remix) featuring Sheisty Khrist [Produced by Deacon The Villain]

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Luther (RMX) – Marq Spekt f/ Sheisty Khrist [Produced by Deacon The Villain] // [DOWNLOAD MP3]

Marq Spekt not only jacked the beat, but the rapper and producer as well! Listen to his rendition of Luther from Deacon The Villain & Sheisty Khrist’s, Niggaz With Latitude. Deacon lends vocals and an updated spin on the beat, while Sheisty Khrist (who never rhymed on the original) flew in a few bars for the mix!

To quote Spekt “Imagine if Malcolm wanted peace and Martin held up the glock?”


For those of you who never got in on the original pressing of Niggaz With Latitude, A limited repress has just been delivered and orders will go up February 14! It’s gonna be a gangsta valentines!

Peep the original song and listen to the entire NWL @