[MUSIC] The Plague (ft. Dominion & Hydra) - “Twelve” - Produced by WildChild

Posted 7 years, 10 months, 5 days, 14 hours, 35 minutes ago

“Twelve” – PackFM (ft. Dominion & Hydra) Prod. by WildChild

Happy last day ever folks!

We’re assuming that at this point most of the world has gone into hiding, yet miraculously has wi-fi, so we decided to provide some music to play in your bunkers. QN5 Music and MCMI Records present “Twelve”, which features Dominion (PackFM, Substantial & Mr. Mecca) and Hydra (GMS, LR Blitzkrieg & WildChild) who met 12 years ago and joined forces in The Plague aka The Army of the 12.

This dark WIldChild-produced track sees each artist kicking 12 bar verses, was recorded on 12/12/12 and is exactly 4:35 in length (4+3+5= 12). Now it’s time for you to download this track and bump it 12 times and pass it along to 12 of your friends.