Already have my tickets. This is gonna be crazy.

got them tickets

“Hi-Fi Bar” is a pretty dope name for a venue.

Wish you guys all the best with this tour and hope every Canadian Blue Schooler makes it out to atleast one show.

Got my tickets for MTL Smile

MTL, I will be there !

Hopefully this doesn’t have a turnout like Pack’s tour.

it’ll be well-represented, i’m sure—canadians know how to show the love Wink

here’s for hoping pack picks toronto to show up at, but i’ll be having a blast regardless…. so excited!!!

You guys should get a nardwuar interview while in Vancouver lol

Did someone say Sadistik?! and Tonedeff and Cunninlynguists? Smile
shiiiit, it’s gunna be a good day! my life would be complete if I could go, but Canada? nahhh

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