Man, I am so excited for this album. Another incredible single


DENMARK! I can’t wait to see you May 17th or 18th.

This sounds awesome. Can’t wait for the album !

God DAMNIT. I JUST moved to Lyon.
Crossing fingers for May 27th.

New tracks are F’n DOPE!!

PLEAZE add a The Netherlands to the tour!!! Amsterdam, The Hague, whatever… I see some dates are TBD.

Nooo! Not the Thomax track yet. One of the tracks I was most looking forward to. Must…resist…until…release.

This track is exactly what I need right now. Fresh as fuck

Tickets bought! I see you guys on may 17th! Happy to see Sadistik and Thomax joining. Will any other from qn5 join on some of the dates as well?

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