[NEWS] CunninLynguists Reach 7 Million Plays On Last.FM

Posted 10 years, 2 months, 1 week, 1 day, 13 hours, 46 minutes ago

Last.fm, the internet’s largest interactive music community for fans, keeps track of ‘listens’ from users by using software that keeps track of audio plays from iPods, Winamp and other software and hardware. It is one of the top tools used in indie circles to gauge interest in an artist for the purpose of show booking, etc.

We’re proud to announce CunninLynguists have reached 7,017,335 plays by 230,952 listeners on the site, speaking volumes to the dedication of CL and QN5 fans to the quality output they continue to release. What speaks louder than the actual listens is the ratio of listens per user when comparing them to other artists — nearly 30 plays per listener. This means that not only do a huge number of people enjoy CL’s music, but that it has great replay value as well — turning casual listeners into dedicated fans.

To get a guage of how CunninLynguists stack up against some of their peers in terms of listens, here are some stats on other hip-hop artists’ plays;

Jay Electronica : 803,872 plays (66,857 listeners – 12 plays per listener)
Mickey Factz : 275,046 plays (59,299 listeners – 5 plays per listener)
Joe Budden : 2,172,856 plays (215,535 listeners – 10 plays per listener)
Skyzoo : 435,762 plays (52,621 listeners – 8 plays per listener)
Murs : 2,768,027 plays (177,275 listeners – 15 plays per listener)
J. Cole : 1,388,587 plays (169,463 listeners – 8 plays per listener)
Kidz In The Hall : 671,835 plays (84,685 listeners – 8 plays per listener)
Asher Roth : 3,212,129 plays (285,240 listeners – 11 plays per listener)