[NEWS] ‘Niggaz With Latitude’ Update…

Posted 10 years, 3 months, 2 weeks, 12 hours, 47 minutes ago

Deacon commanding the action via the boards/keys.

The QK10 projects are now currently in rally mode to close out the year with an atomic blast of baby blue goodness. Deacon The Villain recently dropped us a line via his forum to note the progress that’s been made on his Niggaz With Latitude project with fellow Kentucky-emcee Sheisty Khrist (peep his show-stealing verse on “Gun” from CunninLynguists’ Dirty Acres). Apparently, they got so caught up in the music, they forgot to stream the video. Goddamn, stoners!

We went in…sorry to those that expected a Ustream session, but we were so caught up in the music we didn’t want to interrupt it (Which is why we never ustream). This video won’t be released until after NWL drops… it’ll be the making of the last song/Outro entitled “Final Call”

4793987306_a25138b3fa_m.jpg 4793353909_e15aa57a4a_m.jpg
L: Willie Eames (of Club Dub) killin’ it. | R: William aka Spud on the bass & Beatdown on the drums.

4793353941_da4e35517b_m.jpg 4793353883_d4ab92d5fb_m.jpg
L: Sheisty Khrist gettin ready to hit the booth | R: The goodness.