the year of the overdose

Very excited!

Is it in order of planned release?

Holy Mother of Jesus!! YES!! thank you QN5!

Whoa, a solo Kno album. Dopeness.

Also, with 2 months down that means QN5 is gunna average a release a month.

*Thumbs up*

2. DTV & Shiesty Khrist
3. 1irology
4. Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood
5. *****


Kokayi will you marry me pleeeeease??

i think i need new underwear.

...jeebus. They say winter in July. More like Winter in 2010!

Oh My God!

<3 QN5 <3

Oneirology: the scientific study of one’s dreams.

I’m amp’d mobile.

Robots and Dinosaurs? Yes. Kno solo? Yes. *5? Yes. Deac w/ Sheisty? Yes. CATM? IFHR? LOL, LMNOP? OMFG Y.E.S.

I really hope this all happens this year.

Shit guys, I feel like a twelve year old at Christmas



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oneiroi [see also: “Dream (Sandman)”]

Damn you Dwilli, and the swiftness of your hand


if even half of these drop this year, it will be an excellent year. mother of god i am excited.


That’s all.

BTW, Death is Silent is an instrumental album, or “simply” a producer’s album, featuring a lot of emcees ?

what the fuck that came outta no where….smile .. Well it looks like some tax return money is going to each one of those projects. That made my year right there.

Also, this might/might not be a QN5 release.. but don’t forget about the Kno/Greives album ..

The Superproducer is gonna have a busy year and that’s very good news for us fans.

2010 is going to be certified BONKERS.

Insanity. And we though Q009 was the pinnacle…

Holy…......fuck. Need more information. Surprised

Dopeness is the word.

My dick just got hard.

Nobody dies, we MUST live to listen to all these Smile)))))))))))) and zomg@GhettoGnom ;o

but seriously… WOOT!


This year just got expensive, and I’m going to love spending every last penny.

i don’t even know what to say i am fucking mind boggled. MIND BOGGLED

i just ejaculated all over the screen


10 projects I must invest my money in, in 2010!

DAMN, I’m happy right now Very Happy

Luckily I took a shit before I sat down at my computer right now. [seriously]


It’s been said that IFHR would be the first QK10 release so this list could possibly be in chronological order Smile

lol 44 comments after it being posted a few hours.. goes to show!

Best. Announcement. Ever.

No details, no explanations.. just titles. QN5 pretty much wrote the book on anticipation.

Robots and Dinosaurs? Only good things can come with such a title.

wow. guess I have to adjust my QN5 budget for the year

I hope I’m not stepping on Tone’s toes, but since this year looks jammed pack, where does that leave the MEGASHOW? I know it wasn’t set in stone that there would be one again, but I am curious. We know how much Tonedeff and the rest of the crew puts into the show, I am wondering if he will have time for it this year. If getting all of these releases means no MEGASHOW, then I absolutely have no problem with that.

That being said, we know the MEGASHOW is typically late July/early August. Then there are those who are asking if this is in chronological order. Well, if per chance it is, and we get an average of one release per month for the rest of the year, that puts Asterisk 5 in the July time slot. Perfect if you ask me Smile

Seriously blows my mind… MORE!!! amazing music coming without a doubt…. this year is gonna be sick Thank you so fuckin much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha. Niggaz with Latitude. Love it, tops the wishlist for me, DTV + Sheisty = win.

But really, all of them I’m incredibly stoked about. A couple that we’ve heard of for years are finally going to be out and I’m sure they’ll live up to their anticipation.

Can’t wait, QN5 is the best.

HAHAHA, I knew there was an Asterisk 5!!! Wink You do realise this is 10 releases in 2010 right?! I hope you can do it!

i don’t even know what to say…this is now my wallpaper though, in all it’s pixelated glory. i wanna get this excited every time i see my computer

oh man im so excited for QK10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kno’s album is gonna be a solo album

six to midnight. well done, qn5

*sharts himself to death in exictement*

BTW, Death is Silent is an instrumental album, or “simply” a producer’s album, featuring a lot of emcees ?

neither. kno will be doin the rappin.
what am i excited for, you ask? uh fuckin everything. i don’t care if it’s late. presumably the natti solo album will be ‘11?

(kno will be doing the beats too obviously)

This is good…this is very good. Smile


How is it possible that i have been looking at that list since it was put up and i JUST saw Asterisk:5


i thought i was hyped before…..lol…


There’s no word to express how I’m feeling right now!!!!!!

QK10 is THE year!!

“Take that couple of month to prepare yourself!! Is THAT serious!!”



You are all TRULY the best. QN5 once again for the win, QK10! SurprisedD

daaaaaamn… this is gonna be a good year!

OH MY GAWD! This is some dope news, fuck yeah!

why yes, i have an erection right now.

Well this just made my day! YAY!! Smile I’m excited for all the new music ahead. QK10 FTW.

Thank you.
Each and every one of these releases will be dope.

*Bumping Two dope boys in a Chevrolet*


another substantial album?
holy guacamoly^^

OH MY !!!!!!! I once again was browsing my musical home and seeing THE PLAN my heart almost jumped out of my chest…

Jebus Freakin Christ, has anyone on QN5 slept in the past year? On another note keep an eye out for my project Pirates and Ninjas….yar har har har

Most comments ever?

is kno’s album gonna be more like instrumental stuff? like death is silent? hint hint nudge nudge. just like excrementals. but still CATM will gah!

You know.. even aside from these 10 projects there’s Substantial & Marcus D’s “Bop Alloy” and Grieves & Kno’s EP.

[patiently waits]

good point houstonz…

lolz @ gina carano. heres to hoping that the pan goes..according to plan Very Happy

the wise men say: “everything with its time”

AND natti’s solo, pack’s human highlight reel, tone’s next LP, APOS live, AND qn5 DVD?!!! i mean this of course isn;t going to be all this year, but just to know that ALLLL of this is coming…mofuckas BETTER continue to take notice

I have been staring at the screen for five minutes as the sheer magnitude of this plan rolls through my brain. Not since that one picture of Elmo giving Aunt Jemima anal have I been so shocked at the contents of an image file. Unlike that, though, this is glorious to behold and awesome in every respect. I missed Kno’s rapping on SJV1/2, and now I know where it went. QN5 may wind up competing with itself for a Grammy this year. If even half these projects actually come out in 2010, I’ll consider this year one for the books.

Oh shit. Imma need to save up some scratch for all that shit

Wil kno be writing his own stuff on his upcoming album? I heard someone ghostwrote all/most of his stuff back when he used to rap. Is this true?

^ Yeah, Lil Zane…. (LOL)

Seriously? Damn. Thats kinda dissapointing. Is he writing his own stuff this time? Also, CL album, solo album, grieves album, AND CATM all in 1 year? Seriously? Is he in the lab 24/7?!?

Wil kno be writing his own stuff on his upcoming album? I heard someone ghostwrote all/most of his stuff back when he used to rap. Is this true?


AHAHAAH… my browser was setup so that kno’s reply was only the quotation box, so when i scrolled down and saw his image, i literally burst out laughing. had to wipe my monitor after. lol

I heard David Bowie writes all of Kno’s verses.

u guys are idiots if u think kno doesnt write all his verses. shows what kind of fans u are.

In my defense, Lil’ Zane is one of the best lyricists of our generation.

I would say that i know alot about Kno through his verses (and music). - Or at least I think… So I would definitely put my money on Kno be writing his own sh*t!

Lil Zane is a joke from the credits of “Will Rap For Food.”

I apologize for my fail at joking or yours at recognizing it.

^^^ Haha you guys got trolled!

@houstonz my comment wasnt directed toward u i know u were joking. i just dont understand how anyone could think kno doesnt write his own verses.

My bad. Or something.


A Kno solo album?! I might just have to ... BUY an album. =-o

This is going to be one hell of a way to open up the new decade. Good shit QN5.

damn thats a fine list… cant wait

damn i’ll be happy with just CATM and Kno’s album.Looks like QN5 has a lot of work to do this year,I really hope they can pull this off.

Most awesome - can’t wait to hear Kno’s new beats.

100 comments ftw!


That’s all I have to say.

why didnt i know about this in february? crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy

If this plan holds up that’s ten releases in six months. That means I literally won’t have the time or desire to listen to a non-Qn5 song for the rest of 2010.

“Wil kno be writing his own stuff on his upcoming album? I heard someone ghostwrote all/most of his stuff back when he used to rap. Is this true?”

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!

yea this is pure dopeness.

Just thinking even after 2010 ends, we still have a tonedeff album to look forward to!

plus Natti’s solo Razz

Well… 5 copt. Want moar.

this failed horribly

8/10 of those projects came out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

enlighten my youthful mind on this; why do projects get delayed to begin with? is it label snafus or lack of a quality product?

enlighten my youthful mind on this; why do projects get delayed to begin with? is it label snafus or lack of a quality product?

Ever see the opening scene of the film, UP? The jar of change that keeps getting dipped into because life keeps getting in the way? Every project is basically the Paradise Falls scenario from that movie. The release of a record against all odds is a big personal accomplishment for all artists on the indie level.

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