[NEWS] QN5 Music - Baby Blue For Pink [EP]

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QN5 Music – Baby Blue For Pink [EP] – Available 02.12.08

If you’re a Hip Hop head who doesn’t want to hear Michael Bolton bleeding out of his eyes while you’re getting your groove on – QN5 Music has the perfect prescription for you.

Baby Blue For Pink is QN5’s first ‘digital only’ release, created especially for lovers on Valentine’s Day. Five completely original songs (and 1 remix) were created from scratch for the special occasion where love, relationships and sex are on everyone’s mind.

Featuring PackFM, Tonedeff, Mr. SOS, Session, Substantial, CunninLynguists & SunnyStylez over production by the critically-acclaimed QN5 production team, this is a rare treat where Hip Hop gets unapologetically grown and sexy.

In typical QN5-form, the EP effortlessly straddles the line between cleverly romantic and lasciviously lewd. In a nutshell, this is music that will turn your girl on. “It’s something the ladies will love and the dudes will respect,” says Deacon The Villain, who produced two of the EP’s cuts.

“This EP came together really well with a nice sexy vibe the whole way through and people get a break from the typical approach to love songs,” explains PackFM. “It’s something you can get into on Valentine’s Day, or on August 28th – it works anytime.”

Baby Blue For Pink will be released on Feb 12, 2008 via ALL PAY-DOWNLOAD DIGITAL SERVICES (ie. iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc). Spread the word by using the exclusive Baby Blue For Pink buddy icon below.

QN5 MusicBaby Blue For Pink [EP] Tracklisting:
1. PackFM“Plucking Daisies” [Produced by Deacon The Villain]
2. Session - “The Letter” [Produced By Tonedeff]
3. Cashmere The Pro“Know I Do (RMX)” [Produced By Kno]
4. Substantial“R Love Songs Gay?” [Produced By Tonedeff]
5. Mr. SOS“Digital Video (f/ CunninLynguists & SunnyStylez)” – [Produced By Deacon The Villain]
6. Tonedeff“Close” [Produced By Domingo]

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