Well look at this…

I didn’t think it was possible for QN5 to get any better as a collective.
boy was I wrong

Pleasant news!! Tone got me wet yesterday by tweeting big news was coming today, and I’m very glad it was something of this caliber. QN5 doin’ it mayne!!

never heard of the cat but that track is tight. I really like his sound, good stuff bringing a new diverse cat to the label.


That video is cool.

I want one of dem huge ass pizza slices… droolz

Wow didn’t think qn5 was adding any1 else to their already nasty roster,this dude is pretty dope.Can’t wait to see future callabo’s(the possibilities)

Congrats Tone! Lots of momentum for the label lately.

Must feel good to see your baby coming into its own

Know Us Mayne is the shit
Looking forward to hearing the outcome of this crazy marriage.

Congratulations to Kokayi on this one.. and welcome to the family.

great news! the knowus mayne song/video is real dope, im definitely looking forward to hearing more from him! looks like 2009 is shaping up to be the best year yet for QN5!

i hope this works out for everyone involved. it should, given the talents of kokayi and QN5…
this was in k’s blog 6 days ago: ‘I had a long conversation with Tonedeff from QN5 about changing direction and staying more middle road and blah blah and such…but he interjected and stated that i should should keep veering left. I don’t know…’ he then goes on to talk about his current stuff.
interesting eh?

that’s a good signing- looking forward to RELEASES! Flood Us Mayne

I never heard this guy before.
I did some searching on youtube and found some of his work on the Fantom X8. I’m liking the guys sound alot and think he’ll mesh well with the other artists.

Congrats Tone
Congrats on the signing Kokayi (I gotta get used to this name) Surprised)


First time I’ve heard of Kokayi, but I KNEW QN5 would be signing someone else this year. Just had that thought in the back of my mind that may have been one of the awesome surprises ’09 was going to hold.

Loving the style, can’t wait to hear more!

This is very unexpected! Regardless, welcome to the roster Kokayi. Can’t wait to see where you fit in the Baby Blue armada

Congrats to both parts, never heard of the dude, but first track sounds nice. Will check out his first album. Looking forward to more great and creative music :D

that track is ill. more please…

I’m a fan…His last album is great from beginning to end. :

^^Wifey knows best. : I couldn’t have said it better myself.

sick! sounds hella familiar, was he on Peruvian Coke too? but yah i can see him fitting perfectly into some lynguists collabs

Wuddup baby!

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