sounds good to me!!

Thank you QN5 for making me broke :

Can’t wait for all of this. If all goes as planned, it seems like we will be getting new stuff every few months. Which is…ahem (prepping Borat voice)…Very Nice

I’m fuckin amped for everything right now.

It’s nice to get a whole run down on all the projects under way.

that was awesome.

I really think Chico and the Man could be “one of the greatest albums in the history of Western Civilization.” — bill walton

I can’t even begin to express how much I love QN5.
Just reading these news sent chills down my spine.
I’m speechless

Thank you

yup, it’s official. qn5 fucking rocks. tone, thanks SO MUCH for telling us all that… i am SOOOO excited.

Word I can only agree with all previous entries. QN5 is one of the few positive things in my life right now, I’ll be sure to spread your recognition in Sweden.


But do you sleep?

oh man all this is gettin me fuckin amped, everyone is throwin somethin in, cant look for a better year for hip hop music.

But do you sleep?

Sadly, it’s just not in the cards for me. :

“How can HipHop be dead if QN5 is forever?”

p.s. Dude…sleep is so important. Get some.

Mr.Deff the resident work horse! Thanks for the update looks like I will be budgeting enough money to get multiple copies of these releases as usual. I’m amped about everything listed. I cant wait to see the direction you are heading with these pieces of work. Thanks for keeping us all informed.

Tone is cool and stuff.

Real progressive shit. I look forward and stuff.

I dont feel like waiting for these. Hurry up and release them already, I dont care how busy you are

It’s like porn. Alphanumerical porn.

alsalamu alikom
yo my man, i introduced every nigga i know to your “stuning english” and they started to see real hip hop, not the one on tv if you know what am sayin.. i swear man, whenever i leave sudan and get a chance to buy your albums, i’d buy a dozen of each one. you got my word.. or maybe you can sell in africa.. wtf stops you from selling in africa?

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