[NEWS] QN5 Show In London: 04.20.09

Posted 11 years, 7 months, 1 week, 1 hour, 7 minutes ago by Kno

CunninLynguists In UK

Since UK promoters have obviously been too busy or incapacitated to show any interest in booking CunninLynguists over the course of our numerous trips to Europe, we have decided to do what we always do and take the initiative to prove our worth to a world that shouldn’t, at this point, need proof.

We, along with our friends at Bad Taste Records, have booked The Luminaire at 311 Kilburn High Road for a hip-hop bonanza on that holiest of high holidays, 4-20. How does a hip-hop group from Kentucky expect to succeed in throwing their own show some 6700 kilometers away? The same way we do everything; elbow grease, a dedicated fanbase, good ass music and no handouts from anybody. Don’t want to book us? We’ll book our motherf*ckin’ selves!

This decision was made strictly for the fans who have watched us take 2-3 trips per year to Europe with nary a UK show to speak of, so now is your time to show and prove! Contact tour@qn5.com to sign up for street team duty, we need you!

Capacity of the venue is only 275, so order your tickets NOW.


This is our only gig in the UK on this trip and we nixed our “Laundry/Wash Yo’ Ass” day between Germany and Holland to do it, so when I show up rockin’ the same pair of draws from Stuttgart I expect to see heads from Brighton, Cambridge, Southampton…hell, if you can get there by boat, plane or car…because obviously if it’s left up to promoters we might never come back!

Gotta work Tuesday? Tell your boss to piss off…


Strange Journey European Tour:

04/02 – Vega – Copenhagen, Denmark
04/03 – Tarantino Club – Vilnius, Lithuania*
04/04 – Ninkasi Kao – Lyon, France
04/05 – Elysee Montmarte – Paris, France (w/ Pharoahe Monch)
04/07 – TBA
04/08 – Ubu – Rennes, France (w/ Pharoahe Monch)
04/09 – TBA
04/10 – Sommercasino – Basel, Switzerland
04/11 – Härterei – Zürich, Switzerland
04/12 – Dachstock – Bern, Switzerland
04/14 – Szene – Vienna, Austria
04/15 – E-Werk – Erlangen, Germany
04/16 – Conne Island – Leipzig, Germany
04/17 – Skaters Palace – Münster, Germany
04/18 – Nachtleben – Frankfurt, Germany
04/19 – Die Röhre – Stuttgart, Germany
04/20 – The Luminaire – London, UK
04/21 – Paradiso – Amsterdam, Holland
04/22 – Tivoli – Utrecht, Holland

Shows with * are CunninLynguists & DJ FlipFlop only.