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Hell Yeah Fuckin Right!

So damn excited! The fact that this project finally exists in some form is making me inexplicably itchy…

looking forward to this so much!
I’m like a little kid on the way to the candystore, hope you ain’t tricking me into going to the dentist like my douchebag parents did when i was a kid!

btw Cloonan bodied that cover art

That artwork is really awesome, especially the skeletons.

Also, SUNRISE!!!!

what 2 by four said. I really like that Tonedeff polymer logo.

Bring. It. ON!

Can’t wait to preorder.

I can’t wait for this shit, not only that but the artwork is good fap material for the masochists out there

The most exciting thing I’ve seen in quite a while.

- Opening song produced by Numbernin6! Fuck yes. I’m guessing this is one of the tracks played at the end of the TACM livestream.

- Filthy.. I’m guessing that’s “the dirtiest song ever” and I can’t wait to blast it out my speakers for all the neighbours to hear.

- Sunrise? I thought that was supposed to be on “archetype 2”.. but I’m certainly glad I get to hear it a lot sooner. Saw it live at Megashow 09 and it was fucking incredible.

- I wonder if the “I hear music in my head..” song is one of these.

- Signed Editions with Vinyl - YES!

- Becky Cloonan doing all the artwork?

Well done Mr. Deff. It seems the waiting will be deliciously worth it.

Here goes my old phone wallpaper.
Can’t wait !

I hope everything goes great for tone cus this could be his breakout year.

Artwork is badass!! I’m sure the music will be too!!

Oh shiiit, can’t wait for this to come out. I tried forcing music out of the tracklist by staring at it, but unfortunately it didn’t work. Artwork is great and detailed, I like it a lot

I can tell this will be great just by the artwork. Thats a good thing cause its been a while since thats happened for me.

I bet Filthy (XXX) won’t even be the most disturbing track on the EP haha

Hell yeah. New music from Tone, been along time coming.

Cant’ describe how excited I am. Love that it’s gonna be on wax too. And whoever did the artwork is a beautifully twisted genius.

Never been this excited

oh my f’ing god, TONE!! You just dropped a bomb on us… Well, im blown away here.. This is REALLY good knews! Excited as hell

I’m wondering if the tracks will be in order of the EPs or if they will be rearranged for the final product on Polymer

Tonedeff is a dope lyricist. However no Kno beats may result in no listen.

The device has yet to be invented that could measure my excitement for this release.


However no Kno beats may result in no listen.



Also, SMH at you signing up to post that. At least we know there are children out there hearing about QN5.

@DoctorJizzay ... Seriously ?

So what is the style being showcased on this EP. Uptempo?

Damn, that artwork is sick! I can’t wait to hear the EP!

Holy shit! We’re about to get some new Tonedeff music and I couldn’t be more excited.

I guess this is perverted Tone, judging from a naked woman on the cover, and the song “Filthy”

The artwork is too dope ! Lookin’ forward to hearing all the EPs

Guys, it’s right in the blog post what this one is about:

EP #1, entitled Glutton, deals with the concept of excess and addiction over self-produced uptempo tracks

I have decided to pre order this so I can get the vinyl signed. That sounds dope as hell and I love spending money on something that I can stand behind and thats everyone qn5 and then some.

Words fail to express the my excitement. It feels like I’m counting down to Christmas. Awesome artwork by the badass Becky Cloonan too!

onilink “2 weeks!!!!!”

Total Recall


Lady just heard about Glutton’s release date.

I seriously can’t wait for this shit!

I keep recalling that snippet of presumably ‘Filthy’ - “I don’t know what I’m doin!”

@Doctor Jizzay you’re a freaking idiot if you skip this because kno isn’t producing it. 1) it’s free, 2) have you heard tonedeff’s recent production? His newer production has been fucking phenomenal (I fucking hate rappers, what part of forever, etc.) I’m just as excited if not more so to hear tone’s recent production just as much as kno’s tbh.

@JTX not to mention The Projectionist. And his earlier shit was astounding as well, tracks like Porcelain and Optimist are on par with everything Kno could create. Kno is more consistent to me, but at their best they’re equals tbh. Glutton will blow our minds

@Porsborg I hate to brake it to you, but The Projectionnist didn’t have any Tonedeff production. I agree with everything else though, Tone’s production has always been dope.

I would advise Mr Jizzay to listen to the “Definitions” series and see for himself how versatile Tone can be.

I’ll almost bet money that DoctorJizzstain is a troll. Either that or he has some sort of mental disability.

Having heard the material…the title track is so fucking fuego & “Filthy” is quite possibly the closest to porno a song can get. Tone is a sick fucker. This artwork is amazing, too. Love the Tonedeff-approved 80’s bush…lol

Matthegod - “I have decided to pre order this so I can get the vinyl signed. That sounds dope as hell and I love spending money on something that I can stand behind and thats everyone qn5 and then some.”

You say that like there was a possibility you weren’t going to pre-order Smile

reminds me of art by Aida Mamoto (http://tinyurl.com/bjvfq9c
)... dope!

@dr. Jiz…. No kno beats but kno approval equals kno brainer knowahimean? Knodiggity!

Digital boner!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That cover is sick as hell..You should make posters too tone!

You should drop a single first smile

I second that single idea, give the fans a little preview of whats to come.

The album is only one week away, we do not need a single to drop or a preview. Besides that if you were lucky enough to catch the TACM livestream ending you would have caught a taste of new Tone music. I missed it but I’d still rather go in fresh because it’s only 5 tracks.

On second though, the sooner the better so I wouldn’t mind a single before the EP dropped. I’d like it actually.

TACM livestream Glutton EP listening party on release day, make it happen.

can’t wait 7 more days! i wonder if tone will include posters of all 4 album covers with the pre-orders, would be nice.

Where is the digital link? Today is the day, and I need my music fix before I go in for work, man! Inject me! Razz

^^^What Steph said! Very Happy

Lets go Glutton Lets go!!

I keep hitting the refresh button every ten minutes…...arghhhhh i want this so bad

I’m with you KOSMOS, Everytime my twitter tabs is like “(1)Twitter” I rush to see if its Tone

Yeah this is the page you need to be f5ing: http://tonedeff.bandcamp.com/

Please don’t let this drop too late. I don’t wamt to listen to it while i am sleepy. Drop now.

I think Tone likes the idea of shaving his legs so he’s purposely delaying

Well it’s no longer february 26th in my time zone. Tonedeff wherever you may be you’re late, now i’m going to be in a bad mood until it releases.

Not like this Tone

Not like this

Where can you preorder?

Iv been loling at that spongebob for a good minute now hahaha love it. But seriously, I need some music.


Centerfold is an amazing song. I love the amount of change that the music goes through in this song, and the lyrics and vocalized music samples all come together perfectly. Very sharp song. I never expected anything like this sound on this EP, but it quite surprised me at first, and after a couple of listens, I’m glad I pre-ordered the vinyl. I’m quite intrigued.

This EP continues to grow on me. For every listen, I find it less “club”-lik and more honest and brutal. Beneath the initial simple surface of each track is another dark facet revealed about Tone. Even though I haven’t been following you the longest, I have learned a lot about you through the podcast, blog, forum and your music; and this is as much you as it can get.

Sunrise is the best way I could ever imagine to complete any record - it’s the most uplifting and beautiful song since Optimist.

Amazing job, Tone.

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