[DOWNLOAD] Tonedeff - Hunter EP (Polymer 3/4) - Tracklisting + Artwork By Becky Cloonan

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TonedeffHunter (Polymer 3/4) | Artwork:
Becky Cloonan | DOWNLOAD @: Tonedeff.com

QN5 Music is proud to announce the release of Tonedeff’s third installment of 4 stylistically unique EP’s that will be combined to form his forthcoming album, Polymer.

EP #3, entitled Hunter deals with themes of delusion, self-worth and competitive nature. Featuring guest appearances by PackFM & Substantial of Extended Famm, scratchwork by Rocksteady Crew’s DJ JS-1, and additional production by DJ Static (Immortal Technique, Akir), Hunter stylistically serves as a bridge between traditional Hip Hop motifs and the synth-flavored loftiness of the Polymer album as a whole. Tracks like “Narcissus” and “Competitive Nature” make use of atypical time-signatures, while “And They Watched Him” plays upon fill repetition to drive it’s point home.

“Polymer is about breaking myself down into fragments, so Hunter is me coming to terms with my own competitive nature,” Tonedeff says of the new release. “I’ve devoted most of my life in pursuit of this cultural idealism that has shaped me for better and for worse, so I needed to really deal with it in an honest way with a style I’m rooted in. These songs are the closest things to traditional ‘Boom Bap’ on the album, but with synths.”

For the third time, the symbol-rich artwork for Hunter was created by Eisner Award Winning illustrator Becky Cloonan, who is illustrating the covers for entire Polymer series of EPs. All songs were written and produced by the multi-talented artist with additional production by DJ Static.

1. And They Watched Him
2. Hunter*
3. Lucky (feat. Extended Famm)
4. Narcissus
5. Competitive Nature

All Songs Written & Produced By: Tonedeff
Scratches by: DJ JS-1
Additional Vocals by: Fjer
*Produced By: DJ Static


The order of the releases are denoted by the Polymer icon located on each cover, with a new molecule filled-in for each release.

Putting a new thematic slant on the format, Tonedeff’s Polymer consists of 4 separate EPs – each stylistically different from the next and focused on a different facet of his personality. Each EP represents a different “molecule” of Tonedeff, which when collected, form a larger more cohesive unit. EP’s 1 through 3 will be released digitally, with the fourth exclusively available on the final assembled version of Polymer. All music on the project has been produced synthetically to mimic an actual polymer’s synthetic structure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the final window to pre-order one of the limited collector’s edition packagesQN5 is only pressing what is pre-ordered – after that, all Polydisc/Polymorph collector’s editions will be discontinued. Pre-Orders for Polymer are available now @ Tonedeff.com.