I had actually just been checking these out earlier on the CL facebook. Some real cool shots, the one of Kno performing ‘Graveyard’ is dope as fuck.

Damn these are legit. R.I.P. to those Dunks though Sad

these are awesome pics

Thanks for posting!

Great pics. Hope y’all having a good time!

I’m in the pic with the girl talkin to Natti!! That girl is my ex.. she was asking him to perform ‘Baby’.. thas her favorite song.. hence the cradling the baby pose she’s pulling.


Good pics. Where are the Manchester and Bristol ones?

Also, Shake needs to put that video of Packs stage dive in Bristol up haha

lol @ RIP to Kno’s Dunks.. a full 8 days of life

2night’s the night!

The Hague here we come

Amsterdam show was CRAZY… much better than 2 years ago. Incredible, I couldn’t have gotten more sweaty jumping around ever.

Amsterdam was bananas! Shout out to Tina! LOL

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