Revenge Is Sweet!


Shout out to Allentown, PA! haha

Word, NBA League Pass is fucking garbage! They block all the games you want to watch.

*grab a pen and paper*
ok, so Hunters Point, right tone?


lol…. i love how who’s the boss references keep popping up throughout the podcasts

Hilarious episode. From the “What wi words fuck n’uh?” to the Barney Gumble sounding Queens guy.

Anyhow, as for the mouse, no restaurant nearby and I’m about a third up the ave, so the corner store got some good distance from me. There are renovations in the building now for new tenants, so that’s not helping. I’m really convinced it arrived in that replacement stove, and I’m hoping it was just one dude mouse and not a pregnant female mouse. That would be so shitty. One of my coworkers told me about those electric pulses that keep them away; another friend told me about some v-shaped trap at Target that clamps them like Pac-Man.

Also, I really lost my G-card the night we had a sewer roach climb up out the sink. I 180’d and let out a baritone “HOLY SHIT!” when I saw it. Tried to kill it by throwing things at it before deciding to man up and stomp it. I shielded the sound of the crunch with a manly roar, because the crunch would have freaked me out.

New York sucks.

That story of Tone being spooked by a bug while on the phone with a chick is one of the funniest things I ever heard.

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