- In regards to the 100k views thing.. I think those two episodes were two of the best you’ve done (if not my two favourites). It’s also kindof ironic that they’re the two most depressing.

- If I’ve learnt anything from American TV shows, it’s that NOBODY EVER says “goodbye” before they hang up.

- Auralarian of the month would be awesome

- Another guest appearence for ep #20? Very Happy

Let the last Auralarian pass the baton to the next. My nomination is for sale.

Amen, you are completing amazing, no spaces

but empire state of mind has 146,437,790 views. hahah. Hilarious episode tho.

Another funny episode, Kno should definitely be the guest appearance for ep. #20 btw

shout out to Jynx Maze

Spit my coffee out on elbow pads. Jesus.

what up Amen lol

Definitely one of the best episodes! And then again, i think that every time. I find it incredible that this (dare i say?) fairly unambitious project of yours, reached HUNDRED THOUSAND VIEWS for a f***ing episode. That’s so amazing man, and i think this will also, in time, attract a lot of new fans to QN5, and that would be sick. So keep up the good work, and fetch us Kno for ep. 20!!

Another great episode guys, Kno for Ep #20 would be amazing, thanks for the laughs.

For the record, Jay doesn’t own Barclays. If I remember the numbers, Bruce Ratner owns about 55% and Mikhail Prokhorov owns 45%.

Getting real restless for 19. I think I could listen to these two do impressions of rappers for days.

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